Cosmetic Uses of Cucumber

Cucumber a well known veggie, cultivated throughout the world for centuries is famous for its cooling and soothing effects. Here is a brief review of some important skin care treatments with cucumber.
  • Cucumber is a great way to naturally hydrate your skin both internally and externally. Besides, hydration cucumber also promote glowing skin through silica and ascorbic acid-important constituents of cucumber.
  • Silica helps to maintain skin tone by strengthening connective tissue. It also gives you a radiant complexion with youthful skin.
  • Further more, it promotes hair elasticity, luster and elasticity.
  • Ascorbic acid or vitamin C another of important element, is well known for anti aging and skin whitening properties. Thus regular use of cucumbers give you more healthy, younger looking skin with a radiant complexion and beautiful lustrous hair.
  • For promoting beautiful skin and hair, cucumber is not only taken orally but also applied topically to enhance it’s beneficial effects. This can be done either by placing grated cucumber or cucumber slices over face or by make useful homemade face masks.

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