It is a need to get a beautiful complexion with a pretty makeup your skin should be soft and smooth. You can’t get a beautiful look until you understand the type of your skin. Firstly you should see your skin either it is oily, dry, neutral or rough then you should start to makeup it. Now before makeup your skin should be soft, fresh and smooth. How much your skin will be soft and smooth so much you will be able to get a beautiful complexion. If you have a oily skin then you can make it dry, if you have a dry skin then you can make it moisturizer and if you have a rough skin then you can turn it into your desired form. How you can change your dry, oily or rough skin into soft and smooth skin? If you follow on some easy recipes of those ingredients which are easily available in your home then you can turn your skin soft and smooth like a silk.
Clay mask: 
This mask can be prepared by following ingredients.
Take two spoons of green clay, two spoons of kaolin clay and two spoons of aloe-Vera gel mix it into few drops of rose water and oil of your own choice. You can store this mixture for about three weeks in your refrigerator and apply this mask on your face for ten minutes. It will remove the hardness from your face.
Egg white and yogurt mask: 
To make this mask take two egg whites separated from the yolk with two spoons of yogurt. Prepare this mixture and apply it on your face for cleansing. It will make your face smooth.
Oatmeal and yogurt mask: 
This mask is prepared by the mixture of one spoon of oatmeal with one spoon of organic yogurt. Six drops of honey are poured into them and make a paste. This paste is applied on the face to make your skin neat and clean. By this way you will get a smooth and soft skin.
Banana mask: 
Take one ripe banana with a lemon or orange and mix few drops of honey into them. Make a paste and apply it in the form of layer on your skin. After ten minutes wash your face and dry it with a tissue paper. It will turn all types of skin soft.
Strawberry mask:
You can prepare this mask with five fresh strawberries into ten grams of sour cream. The cleansing of this mask on your face will make your face fresh and soft.
The above recipes can be used for all types of skins. The continuous usage of these masks will make your skin soft and beautiful.

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