Tips to Dark Mehndi Color

1. Wash the area to be decorated with a good soap (one with a mud base) and water.

2. Mehendi must be kept for 2-3 hours to fully dry.

3. Scrape the dry Mehndi and do not wash with water for at least 24 hours to ensure maximum color.

4. Apply a mixture of lemon and sugar, at least twice in the dry zone.

5. Do not use oily soap.

6.after the mehndi are applied avoid washing the area with soap and water.

7. Avoid staying close to the air conditioner when it dries the mehendi.

8. Apply a tiny amount of cooking oil to u're palms before applying mehndi.

9. Sugar and lemon juice, dab some on once u're mehndi is dry

10. A small amount of clove oil

11. Vicks or any menthol vapour-rub

12. Always brush-off u're mehndi and try not to wet u're hands.

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