Winter Skin Care Tips in 2011

Already the waves of winter 2011 are making your skin all dried up that even the lotions and medicines have stopped providing a useful cure. In winters the skin becomes dry and irritated causing eczema.
Here are some skin care tips 2011 for making your skin comfortable in winter.
According to this skin care tip 2011, use a humidifier. With the heat on in the room and the windows are closed, the air inside can become very dry in the winter, making the skin dry and itching of eczema even worse. Use a humidifier to place moisture in the air. If you don’t want to invest in an expensive humidifying system, buy inexpensive ones from store. This will help in winters and keep the skin from drying and becoming cracked and itchy.
This skin care suggestion believes that switch on to an oil-based moisturizer and moisturize frequently. The more oil a moisturizer contains the more effectively it protects against moisture loss. Usually, these moisturizers for skincome in ointment form and contain the most oil because an ointment, by definition, consists of 80% oil and 20% water. These ointments are excellent for skin care but should not be used on areas of the body that tend to get hot and sweaty.
In winters, this skin care tip 2011 suggest that apply a heavy layer of mostuirising broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to the face, hands, and any other skin that may be exposed. This will act as a barrier to help protect against the harsh elements and is especially important if you will be outside for any length of time. 
This skin care tip 2011 suggests that protect your hands from getting cold as low humidity helps in preventing flare-ups. Gloves help in protecting your skin against dryness. Some people believe that if you wear a cotton mitten next to the skin and a woolen mitten over the cotton one, it keeps hands warm and dry.

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